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Invite your team

Learn how to manage members in your organization.

Anyone can be invited to join an organization, whether the person has an Elastic Cloud account or not.

An organization is where everything is grouped and managed in Elastic Cloud. Every organization has a unique identifier, and customer accounts and bills are invoiced at the organization level.

The members of an organization can have different roles that grant permissions to access organization-level resources.

  1. Go to the user icon on the header bar and select Organization.

  2. Click Invite members.

    You can add multiple members by entering their email addresses separated by a space.

    For each solution, you can grant access to one or more projects and assign roles to the users.

  3. Click Send invites.

    Invitations to join an organization are sent by email. You have 72 hours to accept the invitation, after which it will expire. If you don’t get the invitation in the main inbox, check your spam folder.

On the Members tab of the Organization page, you can view the list of current members, their status and role.

In the Actions column, click the three dots to edit a member’s role or revoke the invite.

Leave an organization

On the Organization page, click Leave organization.

If you're the only user in the organization, you can only leave if you have deleted all your projects and don't have any pending bills.

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