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Get started with the serverless Python client

Set up and use the Python client for Elasticsearch on serverless.

This page guides you through the installation process of the Python client for Elasticsearch on serverless, shows you how to initialize the client, and how to perform basic Elasticsearch operations with it.


  • Python 3.7 or higher
  • pip


Using the command line

You can install the Python client with the following commands:

python -m pip install elasticsearch-serverless

Initialize the client

Initialize the client using your API key and Elasticsearch Endpoint:

from elasticsearch_serverless import Elasticsearch

client = Elasticsearch(
    "https://...",  # Your project's Elasticsearch Endpoint
    api_key='api-key',  # API key for your project

To get API keys or the Elasticsearch Endpoint for a project, see Get started.

Using the API

After you've initialized the client, you can start ingesting documents. You can use the bulk API for this. This API enables you to index, update, and delete several documents in one request.

Creating an index and ingesting documents

You can call the bulk API with a body parameter, an array of hashes that define the action, and a document.

The following is an example of indexing some classic books into the books index:

from datetime import datetime

        {"index": {"_index": "books", "_id": "1"}},
        {"title": "Infinite Jest", "author": "David Foster Wallace", "published_on": datetime(1996, 2, 1)},
        {"index": {"_index": "books", "_id": "2"}},
        {"title": "Ulysses", "author": "James Joyce", "published_on": datetime(1922, 2, 2)},
        {"index": {"_index": "books", "_id": "3"}},
        {"title": "Just Kids", "author": "Patti Smith", "published_on": datetime(2010, 1, 19)},

Getting documents

You can get documents by using the following code:

response = client.get(index="books", id="1")


Now that some data is available, you can search your documents using the search API:

response ="books", query={
    "match": {
        "title": "infinite"

for hit in response["hits"]["hits"]:

Updating a document

You can call the update API to update a document:

client.update(index="books", id="2", doc={
    "author": "James Augustine Aloysius Joyce",
    "pages": 732,

Deleting a document

You can call the delete API to delete a document:

client.delete(index="books", id="3")

Deleting an index


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